How to do your program safely and effectively.

what you Can

Your program has been designed for either at home or in the gym workouts, where ever you are most comfortable. 

It consists of 4 training days per week.

Each week is designed to progress from the previous week as we: 




Suitable for all who have received a clearance from your healthcare professional. If you haven’t trained before I highly recommend you do a few personal training sessions with a professional strength and conditioning coach to ensure you are executing the exercises correctly and safely.


20 - 40 MINS


The purpose of the warm-up is to activate and stabilise your muscles, increase circulation to your muscles, ligaments and tendons and to prepare the body and mind for the workout.


Take time between exercises please. Maintain correct technique and a steady and controlled breath. Work at your own pace. If you are resting at the end of a round or set this is a 60-90 second break.


YOU + A PAIR OF LIGHT - MEDIUM WEIGHT DUMBELLS. Optional equipment: yoga mat, a long resistance band, weights.


Each week you should aim to progress with your training with the number of reps for each exercise or adding a little resistance with weights or items around the home, GET CREATIVE. A 2L water bottle, a bag of potatoes, your children! I will outline the reps for each exercise in the workouts. If you aren’t ready or comfortable to increase the reps each week, IT'S OK.

Complete the session at your own pace and listen to your body. 


BUMPFIT is a workout program to exercise both your mind and body. Movements and progressive programming are based on strength and conditioning workouts. We want to build and strengthen our body to pelvic floor to enable us to be mobile and confident in ourselves as we kick ass at daily life activities.


ES: Each side, usually referring to both the left and right arm or leg.

REPS: The number of times you complete an exercise.

SETS: The number of times you complete the total number of reps of an exercise.

SUPERSET: Two sets performed back to back with a rest period after both sets are complete.

TRISET: Three sets performed one after the other with a rest period after all three sets are complete.

SERIES: Perform the series' with the same letter together,

e.g A1) & A2) is a superset, A1), A2), A3) is a tri-set